Californication: drums

            Season 4 Episode 4

            Song: The Devil's got to Dance

            Written by: Bryan Paul Bell



            Performed and produced drums for feature film  I Can See You

            Directed by Graham Reznick.

            Produced by Glass Eye Pix.




            Performance at The Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

            Produced by The Movement Workshop Group


            Lincoln Center Clark Studio

            Produced by Chris Henry and Royal Family Productions

            Bye Bye Greendaze

            Rock and Roll Mystery Mash-up


           The Tragic and Horrible Life Of the Singing Nun

           Book by Blair Fell

           Music by Andy Monroe

           Produced by George DeMarco

            Tuesday the Musical


            Music by Brett Macias

            Music Director Robbie Stamper


            Burley Grime$

            Post production gig for off Broadway musical with composer Todd Rice.


            Nightmares - Gods of Fire


            The Phoenix- Gods of Fire

            Hanukkah Gone Metal - Gods of Fire

                        + Drums and  Producer

            Cultivation 92  - Rock compilation album

                        + a solo track with T-Lavitz formerly of the Dixie Dreggs.

            Cultivation 91 - Rock compilation album with Large Wooden Matches